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It is your first line of defense.

In the wake of the 2008 firestorms that punished Southern California, Home Fire Systems was founded to give homeowners an extra level of protection.  We've all seen the images of luxurious hillside homes being burned to the foundation.  What do most of these homes have in common?  Swimming pools.

During a firestorm, water pressure via the public water system, drops to an unusable level.  Garden hoses and convential sprinkler systems are worthless against the wall of fire that ultimately develops.  And of course the valiant fire fighters must focus on what they deem to be "defensible structures".

As a home owner you have very few resources available, until now.  Home Fire Systems, Inc. has developed the Automatic Fire Fighter to help you defend your home.  Imagine emptying the water in your pool onto your home over the course of 2 hours.  The system is capable of putting over 100 gallons of water onto your home per minute!

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